Sumo Shorty Fender

Sumo Shorty Fender

Sumo fenders are simply the best of the best for your low and lean custom bolt on VTX phat tire conversion. These fenders are made of reinforced heavy duty fiberglass and are meant to last. These are available painted and unpainted, with and without quick detach backrest, side mount led signals or recessed led, progressive shocks or air ride and several more options. The kits can be customized to your needs. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance with your build please feel free to send us an email thru “contact” at the top of each page. Some sit on sofas and sell parts with their laptops having never built one of these bikes. We are a hands on working shop and would be more than happy to give you a call and sit down one on one to answer any build questions you might have. We have built many of these bikes over the years in all shapes and flavors. We are also here after the sale to help you with any installation questions you might have. Sumo kits are very easy to install and we have even seen several guys build them in apartment complex parking lots as was the Black Bastard bike above. If however you are one of those people whos schedule doesn’t allow time to build, or you just don’t feel comfortable doing it, contact us. If you are close enough we can schedule you in to do it for you. We also know many compitent people around the country and can help direct you to someone quite capable of doing the install. 

Be sure to check out our customer gallery for more sumo fender custom bikes. 



Black Basterd VTX1300

Black Bastard VTX1300

XN's Triple Threat

XN's Triple Threat VTX1800

PMN1's Stretched & Raked

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