Ultima 124ci Bagger Engine

Ultima 124ci Bagger Engine


The latest addition to the Ultima® line of V-twin engines. This 124 cubic inch engine is designed with touring, and or bagger riders in mind.

#298-228 -Engine Polished
#298-228 – Engine Natural Finish
#298-228 – Engine Black



Starting with the proven 120 engine as the basis, the 124 cid was accomplished by increasing the stroke from 4.25” to 4.375”. This insures the rider of at least 100 ft. lbs. of torque above 2000 RPM for passing situations. The camshaft was changed to lower the peak torque RPM and to spread out the torque curve. At the same time the camshaft ramps were designed to provide quiet, easy on the valve train longevity.

The compression ratio was dropped slightly to allow for the occasional bad tank of fuel without causing major engine damage. This slight drop in compression also has the effect of smoothing out the firing impulses for an even smoother ride. Couple these improvements to pistons made from time proven 2618 alloy and you have a very quiet, powerful, and long lasting engine for your riding pleasure.

This combination has been proven on the dyno with torque exceeding 135 ft. lbs. and horse-power exceeding 140. This data was gathered on a Superflow Dyno, which is recognized as 10% low when compared to Dyna Jet numbers. Add 10% and you get an astounding 148 ft. lbs. and 154 HP! Not bad for a “bagger” engine!

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