Xtreme Parts VTX Ultra Fairing

Xtreme Parts VTX Ultra Fairing

This fairing was designed specifically for the Honda VTX by Xtreme Revolution. It is not a generic “fits all bikes” fairing — it is just for the VTX. The shape of the fairing blends the classic “batwing” fairing design with the beautiful shape of the VTX headlight. The UltraFairing completely encloses the headlight and closely follows the leading edge so that the unmistakable character of the VTX is not masked and your headlight does not end up looking like a round peg in a square hole. This high-quality fairing is made in America with the finest craftsmanship and fits both the VTX1300 and the VTX1800 C,R,S,N,T models.

The matching inner dashboard is designed to accept a standard automotive stereo receiver and four 5 1/4″ speakers. The mounting holes are already cut out and installing a new receiver and  speakers into the dashboard is a simple task.

The VTX UltraFairing is compatible with any windshield made for an 96-13 FLHT/FLHTC Harley Davidson. The fairing is sold without a windshield but they are readily available from any motorcycle parts dealer.

Our hand-laid fiberglass fairings are practically indestructible and built to last a lifetime.

These are custom built to order and are available in limited numbers. Please plan ahead. These are not stocked on the shelf for the gotta have it RIGHT NOW situations. They are hand crafted and take time.

Please email us HERE and include your phone number in the space given. We will call to take your order.

Unpainted –  If you need factory match paint we can refer you to some reputable painters that do nice work.

There is room beside head unit to install a couple of switches or 12v cell charger. We recommend you do this before paint so the painter can smooth down any rough edges during the final skim coat.

Fairings come in black gel coat and typically require a final skim coat prior to paint.

We have seen guys bond both halves together for a seamless unit.

Fiberglass Inner & Outer $849.95 + shipping
Shipping generally runs $46-$56 depending on your location.
Includes mounting hardware for either 1300 & 1800 model VTX’s.




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